Wines of Illyria Plavac Mali

Wines of Illyria Plavac Mali

Grape: Plavac Mali
Origin: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Vintage: 2012
Alc/Vol : 13%
Food Pairings: hearty soups, lamb chops, hearty meat stews, pork tenderloin.

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Product Description

Wines of Illyria  PLAVAC MALI   (Plah-vatz  Mah-lee) 

​Native Variety from Ancient Illyria
Top Quality Dry Red Wine

This wine is made of 100% Plavac Mali, a grape variety of the Herzegovina wine region which has a Mediterranean climate and a limestone rich soil. This very tasty and elegant wine exhibits ripe pomegranate, plum and almonds, currants, and other dark red fruit flavors. Authentic, pure and very well balanced, with wonderful tannin and acidity integration. A lovely wine to pair with vegetarian dishes.

Alc. 13% By Vol. 750ml


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